In Exile 2xLP
In Exile 2xLP
In Exile 2xLP
In Exile 2xLP
In Exile 2xLP

In Exile 2xLP

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Where each +1476+ album is its own contained world, In Exile explores a new world in each song. We leave this world in search of answers, escapes, new ways of being, or maybe some older ways of being perhaps... Outsiders--exiles in their own right--some real, some fictitious, some living, and some no longer with us served as guides through meditations and ritual work. We explored what they showed us in each song, led through mythic landscapes like Dante through hell. Passing between worlds through gates of "stone fire". Some doors lead to hidden truths where new paths emerge... Others open upon a wall of bricks. The answers are within each individual. Choose your own adventure.

For fans of Amebix, Sólstafir, Current 93, Cult Of Youth, Alcest, Moonspell, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Hagalaz' Runedance. 

Released in standard CD (w/ full booklet), 2XL gatefold vinyl, and 60 page 2CD Art Book editions by Germany’s wayward metal & dark folk label Prophecy Productions.



  1. Lost In Exile
  2. Lapis Fire: Through The Mist 
  3. Tristesse In Exile
  4. Jade Fire: A Paragon
  5. When Comes The Dawn?
  6. May Mountains Never Fall
  7. Where Kings Fall
  8. A Queen In Exile
  9. Beyond The Meadows, Beyond The Moors
  10. Carnelian Fire: The Gallows
  11. Where Are You?

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