Who We Are

Seraphim House is a New England-based art collective with a strong DIY foundation. They specialize in high quality album releases often in boutique limited editions across multiple formats along with hand screened art, shirts, & merchandise.

Art is the purest expression of a person or group’s emotions, thoughts, and/or ideals. At Seraphim House, we believe it is the artists’ obligation to themselves to be uncompromising in the pursuit of this purity—to dig deep, be fearless, honest, and openminded when journeying into new creations.

It seems that no matter where in the world one may live, we are presented with a very narrow view of how one is expected to live. So many of us suppress our dreams and accept the life that’s presented to us no matter how unhappy we are. We believe that it’s up to us all, as individuals, to live in a manner true to our own hearts and to follow our own paths to self-realization and happiness. It’s a hard journey and it never ends. Our own is virtually still at its very beginning. Seraphim House is a way to travel through life at one’s own accord. It’s not only about art but also living.

We are shapeshifters and genre-benders. At Seraphim House, art can run free.

Seraphim House