Smoke In The Sky CD
Smoke In The Sky CD
Smoke In The Sky CD
Smoke In The Sky CD
Smoke In The Sky CD
Smoke In The Sky CD

Smoke In The Sky CD

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New England’s 1476 offer up the Smoke In The Sky EP, a recording limited to acoustic guitars, bowed bass, piano, drums, and analogue synthesizers to create drones for backdrops/ambience. It is based on the Chaotic and Hermetic principles of destruction in order to recreate—facing inner truths in order to discover the higher self, transforming the lead of the self into shining gold. The lyrics relay these ideas metaphorically through personal experiences. A moody and organic 8 track home recording, Smoke In The Sky is a celebration of Autumn. This is music for a cold night by the fire.

Also included as a bonus is an entire live performance from the era originally released as a separate disc with the first 100 copies of the Seraphim House edition of Smoke In The Sky. Performing as a two piece, the music is stripped down to acoustic guitar, percussion, and vocals with an intense delivery. Inspired by the minimal late-era live shows of Death In June.

For fans of Nick Cave, King Dude, Mazzy Star, Current 93, and Cult Of Youth.

Originally released in 2010 by New England art collective Seraphim House. Now reissued by Germany’s wayward metal & dark folk label Prophecy Productions. 


  1. Ave Apollyon
  2. To Draw the Fifteen
  3. To Reveal the Shadow Self
  4. To Call Up Smoke
  5. To Lye in Waite
  6. Ave Apollo
  7. The Apocatastasis (live)
  8. Funeral (live)
  9. Good Morning, Blackbird (live)
  10. To Call Up Smoke (live)
  11. Herne's Oak (live)
  12. The Demons in the Circle (live)
  13. When the Curtain Falls (live)

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