Peculiar Storms LP
Peculiar Storms LP
Peculiar Storms LP
Peculiar Storms LP
Peculiar Storms LP

Peculiar Storms LP

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Black 180-gram vinyl comes in jacket with printed inner sleeve (but the record is packaged in a white poly-lined inner sleeve for protection) and download card. 

Dreamscapes For Solitude & The Facilitation Of Escape. 

The first full length, Peculiar Storms, utilizes elements of new age, drone, world/folk, dungeon synth, and field recordings of nature & storms. Combining lush soundscapes with the moodiness of the art and the ambiguity of the text, the album serves as a drift off point to abstract and surreal landscapes. Monastery seeks to facilitate escape to more haunting and dreamier worlds than the one where we reside.

For fans of Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Cyclobe, Current 93, Secret Stairways, Era 1 Mortiis, Ulver, Coil, Loreena McKennitt, and Enya.

Released in March 2014 by New England-based art collective Seraphim House.


  1. Empty Vessel, Abandoned Lighthouse
  2. A Snowstorm Descends Upon A Sleepy Town
  3. "And The Aurora Was Swaying Above Them..."
  4. Verloren Im Nebel
  5. The Eternal Storm
  6. Grief

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